An excellent article by Michael Simmons of Tres Amigos Re/Max in Costa Rica claims that the MLS system used in the united states is one of the causes of the economic depression the world economy is experiencing. And he has a valid point. Because historical pricing information is stored in the MLS System, home buyers can see the lowest price a property sold for, thus driving down the price of real estate where many homes have been foreclosed and resold for cheap by the banks.

In the article Mr Simmons tells why the real estate market in Costa Rica is still strong and stable with his two main points: most transactions are full cash payments and there is no MLS in Costa Rica. To read the full article go to:

Why Costa Rica Real Estate will outperform US Real Estate.

Well it seems they do not want inbound links to that article or their web master is not well organized because I have received a broken link and have had to disable that off site link. Perhaps if you really want to read more on this story on costa rica and MLS you should google what keywords you think will find it and read it! otherwise its no big deal, all these ideas that writers have and are used to fill cyber space with wet dreams are so much hot air anyway.