Costa Rica

Retire in Costa Rica Paradise

Retiring comfortably in North America or Europe these days just isn’t as easy or inexpensive as it used to be in the past, particularly for attractive beach areas. Many people who would never think of leaving the country and moving elsewhere are now considering just about EVERY possibility and this is how locations like Costa Rica have become a hot topic among the baby boomers and others thinking about retirement.

The top six reasons for looking at Costa Rica as an affordable alternative to what most folks in North America desire or need for retirement:

1. Cost of living. With a little research and a lot of help from an experienced professional, it is still possible to find an attractive, safe and low-cost place to retire here in Costa Rica.

2. Climate. Traditionally, those newly minted retirees from cold climates are most likely to desire temperate climates and beautiful natural settings in which to settle. Year round warm weather and distinct lack of hurricanes, tornadoes, tidal waves and dramatic temperature changes draw many of these way-too-cold folks to Costa Rica.

3. Medical care. The quality of health care here in Costa Rica has improved to the point that it has actually become a top location in the world for medical, dental and plastic surgery tourism, along with all types of corporal, aesthetic, drug and alcohol detox programs. The success of this type of medical tourism has not only proved the quality and validity of today’s medical experts in this country, it has also demonstrated the viability in cost for middle class visitors and retirees. The fear of poor medical care is disappearing and incentives in the form of good care at a reasonable cost are simply driving many retirees to Costa Rica as the intelligent and affordable alternative.

4. Access to family and friends. For those committed to being at arm’s-length distance to friends and relatives, living overseas just isn’t practical, but for the rest it may very well be that the globalization of the earth is playing right to your requirements. The penetration of quality high-speed internet, the use of VOIP international telephones, digital cameras and all of the other modern technical gadgets make keeping in contact a breeze. The world is a much smaller place with these types of communication and sometimes we find ourselves closer to our loved ones living outside of the country than to those that are living down the street! Plus, every year sees additional, affordable flights from the U.S. to Costa Rica, making regular visits increasingly easy. Who wouldn’t want to visit someone in beautiful and exotic Costa Rica?

5. Foreign culture. There was a time not so long ago where North Americans felt continually out of place in any other country. Globalization, regular uses of foreign languages (particularly Spanish), understanding of foreign cultures and more have all created a level playing field where North Americans actually have a place to fit in and to belong. Again, the internet and information technology has taken out a lot of the guesswork about local knowledge. Internet chat groups for North American expats exist in virtually every country on the planet, sharing all types of information, recommendations and personal friendships, and allowing just about anyone to not only exist, but to thrive in their new surroundings with some honest effort and some new friends! Don’t forget that amazing new language programs like Rosetta Stone give almost everyone the ability to get the basics of the local language and culture.

6. Retiree friendly. If you think the U.S. and its’ Baby Boomers are getting older, remember that the rest of the world is already older, especially in Europe and in other industrialized countries. These places have been preparing for the retirees, including Costa Rica with its’ popular socialized medical program that costs pennies in comparison to similar facilities in the U.S. One more thing to remember is that Costa Ricans by far tend to be much more respectful to their elders than just about anywhere else on the planet. It is not unusual to see youngsters and teens spending quality time with grandparents, and the entire family takes on the responsibilities of assisting grandparents in their daily lives.

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