Costa Rica Fuel Strike

No Gasoline Deliveries in Costa Rica because of Fuel Strike

Today starts a strike by the drivers of the fuel delivery trucks in Costa Rica. So smartly I went to the nearest gasoline station, bomba in spanish, and filled both my vehicles and an extra 10 gallons of fuel in containers. One never knows how long these fuel strikes might last. A few months ago the drivers had a Costa Rica Fuel Strike and threatened to last over 30 days but they resolved their complaints in less then 48 hours. That fuel strike did not seem to cause any big problems in Costa Rica. Now we have a  new strike, and while i have no idea what the drivers are complaining about, they certainly mean business.

Small towns survive the Costa Rica Fuel Strike

I can tell you that I am glad I live in a little town today because there were vehicles from as far away as Tilaran and la Fortuna in my town of Nuevo Arenal filling up because there were no fuel deliveries this morning as expected and those towns have no gasoline to sell. Arenal on the other hand has plenty of gas. The owner of the gas station, affectionately known as Queen, was on hand to deliver my purchase and stated that already by 10 am that morning he had sold more gasoline then he sells in an entire week. I suggested that he limit sales to stretch his supplies but he replied that was illegal. He is required by law to sell fuel to anyone who asks.

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