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Costa Rica beach real estate offers warm dry weather, awesome views, entertainment and investment opportunities. I love the heat – it warms my body thru to the bone meal, leaving no part of my soul untouched. I love the fresh sea food and abundant fruits available in the markets along the shore. I love the bars full of happy people forgetting the world’s ills and drinking to another glorious sunset.

Although I live in the mountains of Costa Rica over looking world famous Lake Arenal, I often visit the beaches of Costa Rica to soak up the heat, the food and the scenery. My good friend Kendall Sanborn often invites me to his home overlooking Playa del Coco located in Lomas del Mar, a premier gated residential community near the beach in Guanacaste. I love the view. I can see for miles along the coast and over the foothills of Papagayo and across to the Four Seasons hotel.

If you are interested in owning real estate near the beach in Costa Rica then you should check out Lomas del Mar at Beach Real Estate. You will not be disapointed.

Ocean View Costa Rica Paradise

Recently I was privileged to spend a few days at the guest house of Lomas del Mar in Costa Rica. LDM overlooks the beautiful Playas del Coco and is very near the brand new upscale all inclusive resort hotel RIU Guanacaste. The home I stayed in was two stories with four bedrooms each with it’s own bathroom, a large modern kitchen and big family room off the main patio near the infinity swimming pool. The views were outstanding and every day was perfect weather. I liked the beach best near Hotel RIU because the sand was clean and the waves gentle and with practically no people along the 2 kilometer coastline I felt relaxed and happy.

Lomas del Mar has only a few available development lots left for sale as over 110 of the 120 lots have been sold and now at least 14 homes have been built and are lived on on this 600 plus private gated community. The developers have done it right with paved roads, quality power and best of all a series of deep drilled wells tapping into an ancient aquifer to provide endless gallons of rare water

If you would like to rent the home I stayed in or would like more information on real estate investment opportunities at this ocean view development please see their web site.

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